§9 Do I enter into a contract with eurofisc.eu by placing an order?

No. You enter into a contract with a tax adviser or an accounting company. When you confirm order completion, eurofisc.eu only transfers the payment for tax advice without additional fees. We apply the Polish law in client- eurofisc.eu relations. Moreover, Eurofisc.eu requires that tax advisers provide their services without unnecessary delay, in accordance with their best will and knowledge, for the good of clients and at the price agreed upon in the information system eurofisc.eu

§10 How to order tax advice through eurofisc. eu website?

Client sends a question, which goes to the adviser he/she has chosen. The adviser suggests the price, the client can accept it, make a counter offer or back down without any costs. After agreeing on the remuneration, the adviser prepares his/her advice and after receiving it, the client can ask supplementary questions. You can add attachments to every piece of writing. Every item of correspondence can be translated automatically into the client’s or adviser’s language. In more complicated cases, for a small fee you can ask for translator’s help.

§11 Which tax adviser shall I choose?

First of all, choose a tax adviser from the country your question concerns. Questions about Spanish taxes will be best answered by a Spanish adviser. You’ll find country symbols in the adviser menu.

§12 Will the adviser I selected understand my question if I answer it in my native language?

Some advisers use foreign languages, especially English, at work. You’ll find information about this in the tax advisers’ catalogue. In every case, the tax adviser can use automatic translation free of charge. In complicated cases, automatic translation may not give good results. A satisfactory answer to your question depends on understanding it correctly. In an exceptional case, the tax adviser will ask you to have your question translated for an additional fee. The more precise and concise description of your problem, the easier it will be for the adviser to understand you and the cheaper will be the translation.

§13 I pay for the service in advance. How do I know that the service will be provided?

You don’t pay in advance. Your money is transferred to eurofisc.eu account. It waits there until you confirm that the service has been provided. Only then will the tax adviser receive remuneration.

§14 I run a company. Will I get an invoice?

Yes. Using eurofisc.eu system, simply send a message to your adviser asking for an invoice with particular data. The adviser will also email it to you via eurofisc.eu system.

§15 Can I use answers given by the tax adviser? Can I, e.g. publish them on a website? Can I present them in the Inland Revenue Office?

You can present tax adviser’s opinion in the Revenue Office, show it to your business partner or accountant to explain your tax problem. However, all materials on eurofisc.eu website and eurofisc.eu database are protected by copyright. Without clear consent of authorized person (eurofisc.eu, tax adviser) you are not allowed to use them in any other way.

§16 What does advice received through eurofisc.eu look like?

Advice received through eurofisc.eu is a statement from the tax adviser in electronic form (written) available in the client’s panel in English, adviser’s native language or client’s language if the tax adviser knows this language. If you know foreign languages, ask the tax adviser whether it’s possible to give the answer in the language you know. Advice in a language you don’t know can be translated automatically free of charge or you can have it translated by a professional translator for a small fee.

§17 What will I get if I order accounting services, company set-up services or ask for an income tax refund?

In such cases specific regulations will be included in the contract with the tax adviser. Eurofisc.eu will see to it that eurofisc.eu tax advisers have relevant qualifications and powers.

§18 When will I receive advice?

Usually advice is ready within few working days, starting from the day when the adviser’s remuneration was agreed upon.

Tax adviser

Tax adviser

Eurofisc.eu verifies qualifications and quality, as well as makes sure that service is provided. If not, the adviser will not receive remuneration. Eurofisc.eu tax advisers belong to state organizations uniting tax advisers. These organizations usually lay down strict rules of professional ethics.

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When you ask an advisor in Spain about the German law, the fee is usually very high and reaches hundreds of euros. If, however, you find a German adviser, he/she will answer your question at an affordable price, possibly with a small extra fee for the translator.

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Choose the country and adviser. Order tax advice. Set up a company abroad. Order accounting services. Order a refund of income tax. Order debt collection. Translator or Google Translate. Standard price is 99 € (tax advice).

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