§1 Is eurofisc.eu an EU institution?

No, Eurofisc.eu sp. z o.o is a company registered in the European Union, in Poland. Its president is Polish tax adviser Artur M. Brzeziński (tax adviser’s license in Poland nr 00988). However, the EU financed the creation of eurofisc.eu from European Cohesion Fund. That is why operational rules of eurofisc.eu are transparent and convenient for clients. They also facilitate the development of international cooperation within the EU. Read more

§2 How can I contact eurofisc.eu?

Eurofisc.eu sp. z o.o is a Ltd. company registered with KRS number 0000421855. It has VAT number PL6182141814 and REGON number 302081298.
+48607679473   infoeurofisc.eu   ul.Kresowa 4, 62-800 Kalisz, Poland

§3 Are my questions, data and correspondence with the adviser confidential?

Yes, only you and your adviser have access to this information. Internet connection is coded in SLL standard. All you have to do is protect your login and password.

§4 Why can I trust advisers recommended by eurofisc.eu?

Tax advisers have been checked by Eurofisc.eu. They have appropriate education, work experience and they are authorized to provide tax advisory services in their countries. Eurofisc.eu tax advisers belong to state organizations uniting tax advisers. These organizations usually lay down strict rules of professional ethics, which ensure clients’ safety and confidentiality. Moreover, Eurofisc.eu requires that tax advisers provide their services without unnecessary delay, in accordance with their best will and knowledge, for the good of clients and at the price agreed upon in the information system eurofisc.eu

§5 I don’t know eurofsc.eu tax advisers. What will happen if despite making a payment the adviser turns out unreliable?

Eurofisc.eu constantly monitors clients’ satisfaction. If tax advisers fail to meet their obligations, they are immediately removed from eurofisc.eu website and their contract is terminated on disciplinary grounds. It’s worth mentioning that tax advisers get client’s money no sooner than the client confirms service provision as stated in the order. Moreover, every client can lodge a complaint with eurofisc.eu.

§6 Can you trust the eurofisc.eu translator?

Yes, the translator is obliged to maintain confidentiality. Besides, he/she doesn’t know the client, so you’re just an order number.

§7 Is my personal data safe?

Yes. The database has been registered in GIODO (Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data). We will not transfer your personal data to anybody and we will send to your e-mail address only correspondence from eurofisc.eu , i.e. information about your orders as well as offers and promotions that may be of interest to you. Your personal data is secure in a server located within the EU. You can always change your data or ask for deleting your account.

§8 Does eurofisc.eu store information about me, e.g. about my orders?

We only know if you have placed an order, how much it costs, whether you have paid for it and where you sent it. All the details are confidential.Eurofisc.eu and other companies (e.g. Google) may place cookie files and read them in users’ browsers or use 1 pixel images (web beacons) for storing information available as a result of opening ads in a window. This information is used for statistical purposes and for service provision. Of course, we store your personal data in accordance with the law and with your consent to transfer it to the adviser in connection with the conclusion of contract and to contact you.

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Tax adviser

Eurofisc.eu verifies qualifications and quality, as well as makes sure that service is provided. If not, the adviser will not receive remuneration. Eurofisc.eu tax advisers belong to state organizations uniting tax advisers. These organizations usually lay down strict rules of professional ethics.

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